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Weekly course

Our weekly course can be taken in units of 1 week. You can select your enrollment term from a minimum course length of 1 week, according to your work or school schedule. The course starts every week. (Elementary learners who have never studied Japanese before must start in the first week of every month.)

Long-term Course

The long-term course is either for 1 or 2 years and requires a student visa. The course covers a wide range of students’ needs including a foundation for higher education, career development and preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It also features various extracurricular activities, including speech contests and overnight trips to hot springs. The school is located in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Early morning course/Evening course/Saturday course

These courses are suited for those who are too busy and have no time to study during the day.

Special courses (Summer courses and others with extracurricular activities)

Special courses are for 2 to 4 weeks, in which students take lessons in the morning and participate in various extracurricular activities including Japanese culture experience programs in the afternoon.

Special features of Intercultural Institute of Japan

Special features of Intercultural Institute of Japan
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Students' Voices


We offer you many courses depending on your desired period of studying and the budget. As a reference, please use the fee calculator to estimate the fees including the accommodation.

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