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Evening lesson
Early morning lesson/Saturday lesson
Private lesson/Semi-Private lesson

Who is this course for?

  • Evening lessons are available for students who have time in the evening, or who wish to spend their weekends doing other hobbies.
  • Early morning lessons are arranged for students who work late and do not have time to study in the evening, or who wish to take advantage of their time before going to work in the morning.
  • Saturday lessons are well suited for students who work or go to school and do not have time to study during the week, or who would like to study on their days off.
  • Private and semi-private lessons are perfect for students who wish to study at their own pace, or who are unable to come to classes on a regular basis.

Evening lesson

Course selections based on highly demands and themes.
Curriculums assumed familiar scenes for being able to use from the next day.
Small size of class which enables you to have plenty of interaction with a teacher.
Convenient time table for busy people.

YOKOSO! NIHONGO (For beginners)

We will teach how to use vocabularies, expressions and grammars in your daily conversations. You will be eager to use them from the next day!!

Section A Section B Section C Section D
Hiragana & Katakana Asking someone’s name and telephone number. Telling your likes and dislikes Telling what you heard from others
Introducing yourself Asking the prices Asking a favor Making an appointment
Conversations at restaurant Talking about your habits Telling your family and friends Introducing your friends to others
Shopping Inviting your friends Telling your thoughts Talking about your dreams and future
Asking a way to the destination Talking about your past incidents Making a plan Explaining your medical condition

今日から始めるビジネス日本語 (Business Japanese for beginners ~ intermediate level)

We will teach expressions and manners used in business scenes so that you can make good relationships and work smoothly.

Section A Section B
Introducing yourself Asking a favor to your boss
Giving a speech on your first day at work Asking a permission from your boss, and client company
Conversations when you take a leave from work, and leave early Making an appointment
Making a phone call Changing an appointment
Getting advice Asking other’s schedule

驚くほどわかる! 敬語の使い方 (How to use KEIGO [honorifics] properly)

This course aims not only to understand but also to actually use them outside of class with practicing in role-play based on various scenes.

Section A Section B
Basic honorifics ~introduction~ Making a call / receiving a call
“uchi” and “soto” Giving a speech
Visiting Taking interview examination
Inviting / refusing Making a presentation
Expressing your objections and critical opinions Honorifics of emails
Honorifics of services Cutting out honorifics

仕事の効率up! メールマスター (How to work with emails)

We will teach you useful and basic expressions categorized by theme. You will acquire practical skills that can be used immediately by doing tasks.

Section A
Basic expressions of emails
Making a request by emails
Sending your gratitude by emails
Sending apologies by emails
Making excuse by emails

Evening Course

Lesson hours The number of lessons Tuition fee
18:40-20:20 Total 20 lessons \95,000

EVENING COURSE from May 2016

Early morning lesson/Saturday lesson

These courses are provided for students who work or go to school and are too busy to study during the day.

Business conversation class (Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced)

In this class, students learn important expressions and strategies needed to promote smooth communication at work and conduct business activities including telephone conversations, business correspondence and making appointments, according to the level of the student. Students also practice proper speech and polite expressions suitable for business scenes.

Course materials

”Nihongo de Business Kaiwa (Business Conversation in Japanese)” (Elementary), ”Nihongo de Business Kaiwa (Business Conversation in Japanese)” (Intermediate), “Nihongo de Hataraku! Business Nihongo 30 Jikan (Work in Japanese! Business Japanese 30 hours)”, “New Businessman Monogatari (New Businessman Story)”, “Shin Jitsuyo Business Nihongo (New Practical Business Japanese)”, etc.

Price list for Early Morning Course / Saturday Course

Please contact us for the available course.

Private lesson/Semi-Private lesson

Private lessons are one-on-one with your teacher. Semi-private lessons are small size group lessons. Lessons cover various proficiency levels, from elementary level for students who have just arrived in Japan, to advance level for those wanting to practice technical terms as a business person. All teachers are skilled professionals in Japanese teaching and have a knowledgeable command of business.
Lesson contents, day and time, and place (Teachers can visit your office to give lessons.) can be arranged according to your request. Feel free to ask questions with the Inquiry Form or call us at +81-3-5816-4861

Private lesson/Semi-Private lesson

Fees for Private lessons/Semi-Private lessons

Private lessons

Registration fee 10,500 yen
50min/1unit 6,900 yen /50 mins
Two units 13,800 yen /50 mins×2
Three units 20,700 yen /50 mins×3

Semi-Private lessons

Registration fee 10,500 yen
Two persons 3,700 yen /50 mins
Three people 3,200 yen /50 mins
More than 4 people 2,700 yen /50 mins

All fees are calculated on a per person basis.
Lesson hours are from 9:00-20:30, Monday to Saturday(AM only).
*Expenses such as textbooks and transportation costs (\1200/day) for the teacher are charged separately. When transportation costs exceed \1200, the actual cost will be charged.
*Please note: Cancellation on the day of a lesson is still counted as one lesson taken and the lesson fees are non-refundable. Please notify us of a cancellation at least one day before the lesson day, so we can reschedule the lesson.

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