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Intercultural Institute of Japan offers student housing and private apartments located within walking distance of the school. Please contact us for more details.

Type of accommodation Room type Monthly rent
Distance from school Features Meals Contract term
Student housing for Long-term course Single \135,000 10sec – 7min on foot New and clean rooms are located within walking distance from the school. Save on commuting expenses! All rooms are fully furnished with a private kitchen, toilet and bath, and free Internet access. Not provided 3 months
Other terms available upon request. (Applications should be submitted to the school.)
Twin \69,000 -
Private apartments
Global Life
Higashi-Jujo for Long-term course (The school provides a letter of introduction.)
Single \59,000 -
Approx. 30min by train and on foot Discounts are available for students at Intercultural Institute of Japan. Not provided 6 months
(Applications should be submitted to the school.)
Twin \39,000 -
Weekly apartments for Short-term course Single \141,000~ 40min by train and on foot Available immediately.
Minimum term of contract: 1 day
Not provided Please contact us promptly.
Accommodation arrangement fee is necessary to be paid. Room rate is different in April and May.
Twin \93,000~
Homestay Single \171,720 Approx. 1 hour from school Homestay provide a great opportunity for students to speak in Japanese and experience Japanese living. Breakfast & Dinner 1 week-
Guesthouse Single \46,000 - Depending on building location. Shared kitchen, shower and toilet with Japanese and foreigners. Not provided
*Room rate is subject to change due to any reasons.

Student housing (Long-term courses)

Our student dormitories are located from 10 seconds to 7 minutes’ from school by foot. Fully furnished rooms allow even newcomers to enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment immediately after arrival. Free Internet access is available in every room.
The dormitories are close to Akihabara and Ueno, cultural and art centers of Japan.


1 minutes ~ 10 minutes walking distance to the school.
10 minutes walking distance to JR Akihabara station and JR Okachimachi station.


Air-conditioner, automatic locking door with video intercom,
postal box, bicycle parking, bathroom dryer, gas cooking stove,
bunk bed, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker,
microwave, Internet access (computer not included)

*Futons are available upon request. (Fee: \10,000 to \12,000)
*Contracts are renewed every 3 months. A renewal fee of \10,000 and 3 months’ rent are payable at the time of renewal.



Room type Capacity Move-in expense Deposit Facility expense Utilities expense 3 months' rent Amount of payment at the time of move-in
A(26m2 2 30,000 30,000 20,000 Included in the rent 207,000 287,000
B(29m2 2 30,000 30,000 20,000 213,000 293,000
A/B 1 50,000 50,000 30,000 405,000 535,000

*Please contact us regarding deposit rules.

Global Life Higashi-Jujo (for Long-term course)

Discounts are available for students at Intercultural Institute of Japan.


3 minutes’ walk from Higashi-Jujo station on the Keihin-Tohoku line
Approximately 30 minutes to school by train and on foot


[Room facility]
TV, closet, shoe cupboard (twin rooms only), air-conditioner, bed, Internet landline, desk, chairs, kitchen, refrigerator, rice cooker, shower, toilet
[Common facility]
A launderette and bicycle parking


Contract Room
Deposit Cost of
3 months Single Room
30,000 30,000 Exempted 30,000
Single Room
Twin Room
6 months Single Room
60,000 60,000
Single Room
Twin Room

Weekly apartments (Short-term courses)

We offer weekly apartments which are available immediately, to students enrolling our short-term courses. Rooms are only about 30 minutes away from school by train and on foot.
Go to the weekly apartment website below for more details.


Please contact to school.


[Room facility]

Modular bath, Bed, Side lamp, Free Internet access, Hair dryer, Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, Telephone, TV

[Common facility]

Launderette, Drink vending machine

Homestay (Short- and Long-term courses)

How about a homestay as a member of a Japanese family?
Homestays offer a great opportunity to improve your Japanese and create a foster family in Japan.
Intercultural Institute of Japan has a direct tie with an overseas homestay agency. Please contact the school for more details.


  • Use what you learn at school in your daily life to improve your Japanese
  • Experience genuine Japanese culture in daily life
  • Create a foster family in Japan

Application procedure


Determine the term of your stay and arrival date

Fill in the application form

Pay the fee

Your host family will be selected (1 to 2 weeks before the starting date)

Receive details of your host family

Receive orientation materials
Arrive in Japan
Meet your host family

Homestay program

  • Accommodation fee (Private room)
  • Meal expense
       (1 meal plan→Breakfast only/2 meals plan→Breakfast and dinner)
  • Orientation on arrival
  • 24-hour emergency support

Price list

Arrangement fee
Accommodation fee
2 meals plan (Breakfast & Evening meal) \5,076 per night
1 meal plan (Breakfast only) \4,536 per night
Optional services
Lunch \864 per meal
Airport transfer (One way) \17,280

Homestay agency NEXTAGE CO., LTD.

Guesthouse Links

A guesthouse is a shared accommodation with other housemates. The communal area usually includes the living room, kitchen, toilet, and bath. Living in a guesthouse is an excellent opportunity to experience an international environment.

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