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Privacy Policy

A new law “protection of personal information” was implemented on April 1st 2005. Intercultural Institute of Japan as a part of educational service organization, assures that all teachers and staff understand and abide by the law, which is to protect individuals and any personal information.

Basic Policy

  • All teachers and staff will abide by the law and protect all information, relating to students as well as clients.
  • To protect against any disclosure of information, alternation of information, loosing of information, as well as any other illegal actions, we will consider counter-plans for the protection of data systems as well as computer viruses.
  • All teachers and staff will not disclose any individuals personal information they received to third parties, or abuse them for unfair purposes.

How we collect and use the information of individuals

We obtain personal information through questionnaires, or seminars /orientations you have attended as well as school enrolment. This information, is managed and kept securely, for the purposes mentioned below.

  • to support your every day life as well as providing you with educational services (advice for every day life, consultation for study or future plans, School attendance or score maintenance, individual contacts and other administrational purposes)
  • to allow your enrollment, or extend your stay
  • to provide you with information about classes or lectures
  • for us to improve our services or products
  • to track the records after graduation, as well as making the reunion naming list and maintaining it
  • to support our current students and graduates for their future career such as employment
  • to conduct a survey regarding IIJ (*The data can’t be identified the information of individuals as we tally the results and use them as statistics information. The results shall not be disclosed to the third parties.)

If we wish to use the personal information for any other purposes than the above listed, we will always ask for the permission from the certain individual.

About cookies

There can be a case where the website will send information called cookies to your computer. The cases in which the website will use coolies are as follows. We use coolies for session management when you use registration service. Also, we use coolies to obtain statistical information from you in order to provide more beneficial information. There will not be collection of information that can be attributed to an individual at this time.

To present the personal information to the third party

Excluding the reasons below, we will not disclose or give any personal information to third parties without getting permission from the certain individual.

  • If we are asked to disclose personal information by Immigration office, court house, prosecutors office, police office, lawyers, any other consumer centers, and organizations related with there and if we believe that it is necessary to give information.
  • If situation arises that is crucial, we may disclose information at our discretion, such as to protect life or properties (eg. In the case of sudden illness).

We will disclose, revise and omit the information to the certain individual if the person requests us. In this case we shall confirm your identification.

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