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  • Support before arrival
  • Support upon arrival
  • Support for accommodations
  • Daily life support
  • Insurance
  • Learning support

Support before arrival

Students will receive an orientation in their home countries at one of our overseas local offices before arrival to Japan.
Consultations with our English, Chinese and Korean speaking staff via email or on our chat line are welcome.

Support before arrival

Support upon arrival

Airport transfer

Airport transfer services (both from Narita and Haneda airports) are available upon request. (Additional fees will be incurred.)

Resident registration/Subscription to the National Health Insurance

The school staff will accompany you to your local ward office to assist you in completing the necessary procedures.

[Resident registration]

  • A resident card is required.
  • The registration should be completed within 14 days after arrival and you start living in the city.
  • Resident registration is not required for persons staying in Japan for less than 3 months and those who are approved for a short-stay when entering Japan.

[Joining the National Health Insurance]

  • Your resident card (alien registration card) or passport is required when joining the insurance system.
  • Persons staying in Japan for more than 3 months are required to enroll in the system.

[Opening a bank account]

  • The school staff will accompany you to the bank to assist you in opening an account.

Support for accommodations

The school runs a dormitory and can arrange other types of accommodation, including private housing, guesthouses and homestays according to your budget and lifestyle.

Support for accommodations

Daily life support

We will do our best to provide assistance to ensure the comfortable living of our students in Japan, including

  • Assistance when sick or injured
  • Consultations regarding various problems and concerns in daily life
  • Explanation of immigration procedures and application to various insurance plans Support is available in English, Chinese and Korean as well as Japanese.


National Health Insurance

  • Persons staying in Japan for more than 3 months are required to enroll in the insurance system by law.
  • People covered by the insurance only need to pay 30% of any hospital expenses incurred when sick or injured.
  • Enrollment procedure should be completed at your local ward office. Insurance premiums vary depending on the municipality and your income.

Foreign students insurance

The school requires all foreign students to join the foreign students insurance, in order to cope with unexpected events in addition to illnesses. The insurance covers part of the expenses incurred though illnesses and accidents occurring after joining the system.
(Not all cases are covered by the insurance. Please contact us for further details.)
Please pay the insurance premium together with your tuition fees.

Learning support

  • Makeup lessons will be provided to students whose arrival is delayed due to inevitable reasons, such as visa problems.
  • A private interview is arranged by the school every semester, in order to provide advice regarding studying, etc.
  • The school issues a report card for each student at the end of the semester, so the student can identify his/her weak points.
Learning support

Support for higher education

Higher education seminar

The school organizes a higher education seminar soon after every semester starts in April, July and October. The seminar provides suggestions and information for students who prepare for entrance examinations for college and university. An interpreter will be arranged for elementary learners with insufficient Japanese language abilities.

Higher education guidance

The school provides higher education guidance for students who are having difficulties and questions regarding higher education. The teachers in charge of higher education guidance are knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Counseling room for graduate school preparation

The school has established a counseling room for students who plan to continue their education at a graduate school. Our specialists provide guidance on how to find an appropriate supervisor, how to develop a study plan, and how to prepare for interviews.

University entrance exam preparation course

This special course is offered every year to students who wish to attend a university. The course offers 5 classes; English, math for arts majors, math for science majors, physics and chemistry. The course is for intermediate and advanced students. Classes are held after morning Japanese lessons. (Additional tuition fees are required.)

EJU mock exam

The school holds original mock exams for students who prepare for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) in May and October, and for those who prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in June and November, so the students can check their Japanese levels.

Entry to universities through recommendation system (Designated school system)

The school offers students who fulfill a certain conditions the opportunity to enter a university or vocational school through the recommendation system, such as attendance, participation in class, and good grades. Students are strongly encouraged to come to the class and study hard every day. (For a list of universities and vocational schools which participate in the recommendation system → Click here) This system is for students enrolled in the long-term course.


Students with excellent grades and perfect attendance are eligible for a scholarship. Scholarships are of great financial help to foreign students. Students are strongly encouraged to come to school and study hard in order to win a scholarship.

Intercultural Institute of Japan Scholarship

A scholarship provided by the school for students enrolled for more than 6 months having the attendance rate of over 98% (excluding those who receive external scholarships)

\20,000/Month × 6 months月

Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

The Japan Student Services Organization provides a scholarship for foreign students who are currently enrolled in or who plan to attend a Japanese university.

\48,000/Month × 12 months

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