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Summer Course in 2017

  • You can choose your course duration according to your schedule.
  • We organize unique activities which you can’t experience on your own travel.
  • Communicative Japanese classes with the weekly course students.
  • Don’t know where to stay? Feel free to ask us!
  • Let’s enjoy cultural exchange.
  • You have plenty of time to practice Japanese outside of the class.


July(July 3rd 〜 July 29th, 2017)

3Japanese class 4Japanese class 5Japanese class 6Japanese class 7Japanese class 8Tokyo Disneyland 9
14:30~ Tokyo bus tour Asakusa walking tour Yukata
10Japanese class 11Japanese class 12Japanese class 13Japanese class 14Japanese class 15Odaiba tour 16
14:30~ Ghibli Museum (CLOSED) Yushima Seido tour Playing Japanese drums Tea ceremony
17 18Japanese class 19Japanese class 20(Japanese class) 21(Japanese class) 22Shibamata tour 23
14:30~ Ninja training Overnight trip Overnight trip
24Japanese class 25Japanese class 26Japanese class 27Japanese class 28Japanese class 29Desert island tour 30
14:30~ Tokyo Skytree observation deck tour Maid café tour Meiji shrine & Harajuku tour Pottery (Making a chopstick rest)

Activities are subject to change due to any reasons.

Application form download

August(July 31st 〜 August 26th, 2017)

31Japanese class 1Japanese class 2Japanese class 3Japanese class 4Japanese class 5Fire works festival 6
14:30~ Asakusa walking tour Tokyo night bus tour Yushima Seido tour Yukata
7Japanese class 8Japanese class 9Japanese class 10Japanese class 11 12Mt. Fuji tour 13
14:30~ Pottery
(trying out a pottery wheel)
Shibamata tour Playing Japanese drums
14Japanese class 15Japanese class 16Japanese class 17(Japanese class) 18(Japanese class) 19Odaiba tour 20
14:30~ Tea ceremony Tokyo Skytree observation deck tour Overnight trip Overnight trip
21Japanese class 22Japanese class 23Japanese class 24Japanese class 25Japanese class 26Tokyo Disneysea 27
14:30~ Ninja training Meiji shrine & Harajuku tour Making food replicas

Activities are subject to change due to any reasons.

Application form download


To fulfill your time in Japan, we organize many activities after class, and in the weekends. School staff members and some Japanese people will help you to understand Japanese cultures. It’s a good chance to practice your Japanese!
Let’s share fun times with your new friends and make great memories together! Here you can see some of the activities you’d be interested in.

1 Playing Japanese drums
Application form download

Playing Japanese traditional drums and feel the beat!

2 Overnight trip (July)
Application form download

All of the students of IIJ will take an overnight trip together. Let’s enjoy not only onsen but also dinner banquet with 400 students.

3 Yukata
Application form download

Traditional summer dress, yukata, make you more Japanese.
You can’t take your eyes off from the mirror. Everything on the picture is what you can take home with you!!

4 Pottery (Making a chopstick rest)
Application form download

Let’s make a chopstick rest, hashioki, and you can use it forever.

5 Tea ceremony
Application form download

This is one of the must-do activities when you are in Japan. Don’t miss it!

6 Maid café
Application form download

As our school is located in Akihabara, why not?

7 Ninja training
Application form download

Train hard and get Ninja spirit!

8 Tokyo bus tour
Application form download

Taking a tour in Tokyo by an open duble-decker.
Let’s explore Tokyo from different angle.

Application form download

Course Fees


Period Admission fee Course fee
Jul 3rd ~ 8th JPY 10,000 JPY 25,000
Jul 10th ~ 15th JPY 25,000
Jul 18th ~ 22nd* JPY 10,000*
Jul 24th ~ 29th JPY 25,000


Period Admission fee Course fee
Jul 31st ~ Aug 5th JPY 10,000 JPY 25,000
Aug 7th ~ 12th JPY 25,000
Aug 14th ~ 19th* JPY 15,000*
Aug 21st ~ 26th JPY 25,000

Total beginners levels are available on the week of July 3rd and July 31st.

No class on Saturdays, Sundays, July 17th and August 11th due to public holidays.

Above fees include the tuition fee, and textbook fees are needed to pay separately.

If you are not going to overnight trip in these weeks, the course fee is JPY 20,000 for the week of July 18th, and JPY 25,000 for the week of August 14th.

Period Admission fee Course fee
July full package
Jul 3rd ~ Jul 29th
JPY 10,000 JPY 85,000*
August full package
Jul 31st ~ Aug 26th

Special discount is applicable by booking full period. All the textbook fees are discounted.

If you are not going to overnight trip in July or/and August, the course fee is JPY 95,000 for each month.

Application form download

Activity Fees

Activity Fee
Tokyo bus tour JPY 3,500
Tokyo night bus tour JPY 4,500
Asakusa walking tour JPY 500
Tokyo Disneyland JPY 9,000
Ghibli Museum JPY 2,500
Yushima Seido tour JPY 500
Odaiba tour JPY 3,500
Shibamata tour JPY 500
Tokyo Skytree observation deck tour JPY 3,500
Meiji shrine & Harajuku tour JPY 500
Fireworks festival JPY 500
Tokyo Disney Sea JPY 9,000
Yukata JPY 5,500
Playing Japanese drums JPY 6,000
Tea ceremony JPY 3,000
Ninja training JPY 3,500
Pottery (Making a chopstick rest) JPY 8,000
Pottery (Trying out a pottery wheel) JPY 8,000
Making food replicas JPY 2,500
Maid café tour JPY 3,500
Overnight trip (July) JPY 25,000
Desert island tour JPY 12,500
Mt. Fuji tour JPY 12,500
Overnight onsen trip (August) JPY 27,000
Activity Fee
July full package JPY 91,000 → JPY 90,000
August full package

Above fees include tickets and participation fees.

Meals and transportation fees are exclusive.

We take public transportation, a bus, on these trips listed above. The transportation fees between your accommodation and the meeting point are exclusive.

Listed activities are subject to change due to any reasons.

Application form download

How to customize

1. Choose study period from the course list.

2. Choose activities from the list.

3. If you want IIJ to arrange your accommodation, please choose either “HOTEL MYSTAYS KAMEIDO” or “HOMESTAY”. (see below)




It’s located about 40 minutes door-to-door by using train.


Free Internet access (wired) / Desk or Foldable table / Air conditioner / Hair dryer / Bed & Bedding / TV / Pay TV channel / Minirefrigerator / Private bath & toilet / Telephone, etc.

ROOM CHARGE (Fees are shown per person)

Single room Twin room
Arrangement fee JPY 4,000 / room
7 nights~ JPY 5,700 / night [JPY 39,900 / 7 nights] JPY 4,100 / night
30 nights~ JPY 5,100 / night [JPY 153,000 / 30 nights] JPY 3,600 / night

Twin room is available only when you apply with your friends. Please consult IIJ if you are with your friends.



About one hour distance from school.


This could be the best option to improve your Japanese.

ROOM CHARGE (Fees are shown per person)

2 meals plan (dinner & breakfast)
Arrangement fee JPY 19,440
7 nights~ JPY 5,076 / night [JPY 152,280 / 30 nights]

Please consult IIJ if you are planning to stay less than 6 nights.

Application form download

Application & Cancel policies

Who can participate?

15 and up, by the course starts

Airport pick-up service

Pick-up service between Narita or Haneda airport and Hotel Mystays Kameido is available.
JPY 24,000 / one way

How many people?

Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 25 people

When is the deadline?

July : June 2nd (Fri.), 2017
August : June 30th (Fri.), 2017

How to apply?

1. Fill in the designated 1) course application form and 2) activity application form, and send them back to IIJ by email. Please enclose your 3) face photo and 4) a copy of your passport.
Online application is available.

2. IIJ will send you an invoice according to your application form. Once IIJ confirms your payment, we keep your seat.

3. You will receive a certificate of admission from IIJ.

4. Take an online test with your account ,which IIJ provides you after the payment. (The test is not necessary to be taken if you are a total beginner.)

Cancel Policies

In case the course couldn’t be made due to less than the minimum numbers of applicant, it will be cancelled and the fees for the course and the accommodation fees which the school arranged will be refunded in full amount. However, we will not take any responsibilities on the cancellation fees such as flight tickets.
Cancellation due to your personal reasons, cancellation fee is charged as follows;

A) 30~8 days before the course starts:
30% of the accommodation fee which the school arranged.

B) 7~ 2 days before the course starts:
50% of the course fee and the activity fees, and 50% of the accommodation fee which the school arranged.

C) 1 day ~ on the day the course starts:
100% of the course fee and the activity fees, and 100% of the accommodation fee which the school arranged.

The course fee will not be refunded for the cancellation after the course starts and in the middle of the course.

Application form download
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