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Why Intercultural Institute of Japan?
Japanese language education

Since our establishment in 1977, Intercultural Institute of Japan has been dedicated to meeting the various needs of every person, company, and society in need of Japanese language learning. Our “Japanese teaching projects” develop human resources who can bridge Japan and other countries, and “Japanese teacher training projects” to train professionals in Japanese teaching who can enhance a students’ genuine communication abilities.

Data proven merits of Intercult

Intercult is a traditional and experienced Japanese language school established in 1977.

  • Chart 1: Year of establishment
  • Intercultural Institute of Japan was first established as a Japanese language school for foreign students in 1977. As you can see in the chart, very few schools that opened in the early days and are still in business. We are proud of our accumulated know-how based on 35 years’ experience, which is unparalleled by other schools.
    Achieving the ideal learning style where students can use theories taught in class directly in actual situations!

We offer an ideal learning style,

  • Chart 2: Japanese language schools with a Japanese teachers training center
  • It is very important for prospective Japanese language teachers to carefully balance theory with practice. We offer an ideal learning style, where prospective teachers study theories while carrying out trial lessons with actual students from our language school. Only 5% of Japanese language schools currently offer a Japanese teachers training program. Our school is best suited for those who seek to acquire genuine skills that can be immediately put in practice.

Worldwide network

  • Chart 3: Worldwide network
  • The school has an extensive global network. Through our local affiliate schools, we can promptly provide assistance for various matters, such as problems prior to your arrival (regarding visa applications, etc.) as well as those during your stay. Our affiliate schools provide Japanese language lessons following our curriculum, hold our original mock exams in preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and organize workshops for Japanese language teachers.
    Our affiliate schools also actively seek to hire graduates from our training center, which could be an excellent job opportunity for those who plan to work abroad.
    Making new friends all over the world through various exchange events!
    Intercult normally has students from more than 50 countries around the world. Multinational exchange events are arranged to encourage speaking in Japanese. Our exchange events are unique opportunities to communicate with people in Japanese.


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